Emergency response training

When Seconds Count: The Value of Emergency Training

Every year, over 200 people are killed and over one million are injured in workplace accidents. Over two million people suffer from illnesses caused or exacerbated by their jobs. 

Hence, preventing workplace accidents and illnesses should be a top priority for everyone. If you own a fire and safety company, you understand the importance of having competent employees. 

Your company is probably dependent on them, right?

That’s why it is mandatory to provide health and safety information and emergency response training, which may reap benefits.

  • Ensure that neither you nor your employees are injured or harmed as a result of their work.
  • Create a positive health and safety culture in which safe and healthy work becomes second nature to all employees.
  • Learn how you can improve your health and safety management.
  • Maintain the health and safety of your employees in accordance with your legal obligations.
Emergency response training

Why training is essential?

First of all, you should understand the true meaning of training. Helping people learn a skill, advising them on what to do or, more importantly, what not to do, or simply providing them with information are all examples of training. Also, note that training is more than just taking ‘classroom’ courses and getting certificates to work.

Workplace safety training is just as important as workplace safety. It enables management to maintain a safe and healthy workplace. It also assists employees in identifying and correcting safety hazards. It teaches them the best safety practices and expectations.

For businesses like hospitals and construction companies that work with potentially dangerous supplies and machinery, safety training is especially crucial.

Emergency training is the need of the hour

Employee or worker safety training is essential for their understanding of job-related safety practices; otherwise, a worker puts himself or herself at a higher risk of workplace injury, illness, or death.

Ensign is a top academy in Cochin that offers various health and safety training courses. It is a FoSTac-approved training center. We strive hard to bring in the latest and top-notch syllabus, legislative changes, and exam procedures. Also, our team consists of highly qualified academicians, practitioners, and consultants with a wider range of experience in all sectors.

Our motto is to provide our students with the best result-oriented training, thereby getting good results. 

Here are some useful training courses that Ensign will provide:

Let’s jump straight in.

  • NEBOSH: Completing the NEBOSH certification course can lead to a promising career in occupational health and safety.

A NEBOSH certificate holder can work in a variety of lucrative and flexible fields, including manufacturing, chemical engineering, fire and safety, power plants, and civil services.

  • IOSH: The IOSH is a globally recognized professional body that provides training and certification in health and safety management.  The IOSH courses are created to enhance the knowledge and abilities of people working in a variety of industries in order to manage workplace health and safety risks effectively.
  • HABC: HABC is a global organization that offers credentials and certifications in a range of fields, including security, first aid, food safety, health and safety, and more. 

Offering a broad range of accredited qualifications, HABC is an awarding body acknowledged by regulatory agencies and industry bodies. 

The purpose of HABC certifications is to guarantee that individuals possess the knowledge and abilities required to work safely and proficiently in their specialized fields. 

  • FoSTaC: In accordance with the requirements in Schedule 4 of the Food Safety and Standards Licensing and Registration Regulations, 2011, the goal of the FoSTaC program is to develop a pool of food safety supervisors (FSS). 

These FSS are trained in good hygiene and manufacturing practices. According to the provisions of the FSSAI Act, all food business operators must have a trained and certified individual on their premises to ensure food safety.

  • IRCA is the only professional body dedicated to governance, assurance, and improvement, assisting quality professionals in improving the reputation of organizations worldwide. 

Other advantages of IRCA membership include recognized credibility, ongoing and continuous professional development, and potentially greater employment opportunities worldwide.

In addition to these, the Ensign safety academy provides courses like British Safety Council Courses and other tailor-made courses like Induction training, Job hazard analysis, Permit to work, Leadership and communication, Principles of safety management, etc.

All these courses are aimed at developing a positive work culture and imparting safety to your profession. 

So don’t miss these valuable emergency training courses, which may fulfill your workplace safety goals.

Join now and become a well-trained health and safety professional!

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