Tailor-Made Courses by Ensign Safety Academy

Induction Training

  1. The foundations of health and safety.
  2. The responsibility for health and safety.
  3. Health and safety risk assessment and control.
  4. Hazards and control associated with work equipment.
  5. Transport safety.
  6. Excavation.
  7. Hazards and control associated with electricity.
  8. Fire safety.
  9. Hazards and control associated with manual handling and repetitive movement.
  10. Hazards and control associated with hazardous substances.
  11. Hazards and control associated with the working environment.
  12. Elementary first aid.
  13. Demolition.
  14. Accident investigation.

Job Hazard Analysis

  1. Safe system of work.
  2. System safety.
  3. System theory and design.
  4. System safety engineering.

Permit to Work

  1. Process and safety system.
  2. Confined space safety.
  3. Work at height.
  4. Hot work.
  5. Safety work permit system.

Leadership and Communication

  1. Leadership.
  2. Communication.
  3. Methods of communication.
  4. Written communication.
  5. Internal communication.
  6. Safety communication.

Principles of Safety Management

  1. Introduction to Safety.
  2. Safety promotion roles.
  3. Planning and organizing safety.
  4. Theories and principles of accident causation.
  5. Accident and cost analysis.
  6. Investigation and reporting.

Safety in Building Constructions

  1. Introduction.
  2. Characteristic of building material.
  3. Building materials.
  4. Elements of structure.
  5. Floor opening.
  6. Reason for building collapse.
  7. Symptoms of building collapse.
  8. Escalator.
  9. Tower and high rise building.
  10. Guide lines for escape rout.
  11. General features of construction site.
  12. General attitude of construction workers.
  13. Attitude of professional engineer.
  14. Key issues of construction sector.
  15. Hazard in construction industry.
  16. Causation of hazards in Construction industry.
  17. Equipment use in construction work and their usage.
  18. Testing of lifting appliances.
  19. Ladder.
  20. Scaffolding.
  21. Excavation.
  22. Shuttering and
  23. Demolition.
  24. Welding and gas cutting.
  25. Fire safety at construction site.
  26. Electrical safety at construction site.
  27. Inspection of site.
  28. High risk building fire protection requirement.
  29. Challenges of high rise building.
  30. Fire protection requirement of high rise building.
  31. Lighting and electrical hazard protection of buildings.
  32. Earthquake.

Flammable & Hazardous Material

  1. Physical and chemical properties of hazardous materials.
  2. Flammable liquids.
  3. Pressurized and liquefied gas.
  4. Handling other hazardous properties.
  5. Special areas.

Fire Control Technology

  1. Basic of fire.
  2. Fire extinguishing.
  3. Fire detectors alarm and sprinkler system.
  4. Hoses and hose fitting.
  5. Personnel protective equipment for fire fighting.
  6. Investigation of fire.

Safety at Work

  1. General safety consideration in material handling.
  2. Machinery safe guard.
  3. Ventilation.
  4. Lighting.
  5. House keeping.

Occupational Health & Environmental Engineering

  1. Occupational health.
  2. Engineering control of health hazards.
  3. Ergonomics.
  4. Principles of environmental engineering.

Disaster Management

  1. Hazards.
  2. Accident causation models.
  3. Risk Management techniques and practice.
  4. Probabilistic risk assessment.
  5. Natural Hazards and man made hazards.
  6. Environmental hazards assessment and response.