Course Duration: 2 Days.

Who is this qualification for?

HABC Level 2 Award in Award In Health & Safety Qualification overview and objective This qualification is designed to provide learners with knowledge of the basic health & safety practices essential in the workplace.

The objective of the qualification is to:

  • prepare learners to progress into further/higher level training.
  • support a role in the workplace. The qualification provides learners with an understanding in the responsibilities of employers and employees, the benefits of good health and safety, steps to a risk assessment and how they can reduce accidents, near misses and ill-health, typical hazards and controls in a workplace, common causes of accidents, near misses and ill-health, emergency procedures and the importance of recording accidents, near misses and ill-health.
 How long will it take?

This qualification’s total qualifying time (TQT) is 10 hours, of which 6 hours are advised for guided learning (GL).

 Entry requirements

To register for this qualification, learners are required to meet the following entry requirements: be 14 years of age or above.

 Topics covered

The qualification teaches students about the duties of employers and employees, the advantages of good health and safety, how to conduct a risk assessment, how to decrease accidents, near-accidents, and illnesses, common workplace hazards and controls, common causes of accidents, near-accidents, and illnesses, emergency procedures, and the significance of documenting accidents, near-accidents, and illnesses.

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