courses in safety health and environment

Navigating the NEBOSH International Diploma in Environmental Management

How well do you manage environmental risk in relation to the damage caused by work activities? Pursuing the NEBOSH International Diploma in Environmental Management course enables you to deal with key environmental hazards and resources in your workplace. 

After the successful completion of this course, you will be equipped with a professional-level qualification to manage responsibilities in relation to the risks of damage to the environment posed by work activities. 

In this way, you can implement effective environmental management systems within your organization. It will be invaluable for managers taking on environmental responsibilities and those aiming to develop and implement effective environmental management systems within their organizations.

There are many courses in safety health and environment. A NEBOSH International Diploma in Environmental Management provides you with the specialist knowledge and understanding, as well as the application of expertise, that are required for competent performance in environmental management.

courses in safety health and environment

What level is the NEBOSH International Environmental Diploma?

For those who want a bright career, this diploma is very important and is equivalent to a Bachelor’s Degree at Level 6 on the NQF (National Qualification Framework). If you want to advance further, it’s better to move on to a Level 6 NVQ, NEBOSH National Diploma, or International Diploma course

NEBOSH Environmental Diploma and its Benefits

First and foremost, this diploma-level course will help you develop environmental standards within your industry. Your company will also comply with International management standards, such as ISO 14001. However, some businesses will only employ the services of firms that adhere to a certain set of accepted standards.

Increase company reputation

If you are a NEBOSH international diploma holder in Environmental Management, your company’s reputation will be enhanced considerably. Accordingly, you can enact key social responsibilities and ethical practices by employing trained professionals. By doing so, prosecution and other legal issues can be avoided.


Completing a training course via Online Learning gives you a lot of bang for your buck!

You can also save on training costs, as those are often many times less than those associated with classroom training, including:

  • Travel
  • Accommodation
  • Expenses
  • Employee downtime

Career Progression

Combined with a NEBOSH National or International Diploma, you can ace your job interviews or be able to quickly progress within your organization as a professional health and safety practitioner. 

Learn from Anywhere

You can enroll in this course from anywhere in the world. Location is not at all a barrier to studying the Environmental Management Diploma course.

  • MOD bases (ideal for MOD-ELC students)
  • Offshore rigs (including shipping and supply vessels)
  • Secure Installations (nuclear plants, government buildings, etc.)
  • Isolated areas (desert facilities)
  • All countries

Are you wondering whether there are any formal entry requirements to enroll in this Diploma in Environmental Management? No formal entries are needed. However, students will greatly benefit from having completed the NEBOSH Environmental Certificate before attempting this NEBOSH Diploma-level course, as this greatly improves a student’s potential end result. 

The only prerequisite for enrolling in this course is that the student must be fluent in the English language well enough to articulate the concepts in the course syllabus. You can enroll in the NEBOSH International Environmental Diploma if you meet the required level of English.

Wrapping up

Nowadays, Environmental Management has become a core aspect of all organizations engaged in sustainable resource conservation and management. Therefore, obtaining an international diploma in environmental management enables the prevention of environmental hazards and possible disasters. This course is primarily designed in accordance with international standards to positively influence environmental management standards and practices at every organizational level.

Ensign Safety Academy provides an international diploma in environmental management for aspiring environmental management professionals. The diploma holder can also use the designatory letters IEnvDipNEBOSH after their name.

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