Be an Expert in Health and Safety Management

Do You Want to be an Expert in Health and Safety Management

Hope you have heard about this proverb, “Good Health is above Wealth”. Yes, the proverb is correct; we can achieve great things if we are in good health. This should be done in the workplace as well, so that employers’ lives are protected. Human resources are critical to an organization’s success, particularly in industries such as oil and gas, petroleum, mining, and so on. According to studies, employees who are provided with high-end security and safe working conditions are more satisfied with their jobs than those who are not. As a result, an organization’s turnover rate is reduced. Modern-day organizations strictly follow all the safety measures to ensure the security of their employees and many organizations have well trained occupational safety and health officers.

Let’s now discuss the main duties and responsibilities of an occupational health and safety Officer: Every organization’s occupational health and safety officer should be aware of any potential problem that could result in serious injuries or, in some cases, death. Some of the conditions like a wet floor, loose railings, and defective electrical cords prove a danger to the employees.

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The Following are some of the duties and responsibilities of health and safety officer:

  • Observe Safety in a workplace. As we all know “Prevention is better than Cure”, one of the main duties of occupational health and safety officer will be to monitor and prevent all conditions that are hazardous to workers. For example, ensuring that workers follow all of the rules and regulations while working in such an environment. Check whether they wear the appropriate clothing.  All machines should be checked on a regular basis, and workers should be made aware of their surroundings. In short, Alertness is the basic quality that an occupational health and safety officer should have.
  • Handling of emergency situations till now we were discussing is a major problem which could happen in workplace, now let’s see how to deal with such a situation. Occupational Health and Safety Officers are well-trained in dealing with emergency situations such as injury, machine failure, and so on. A quick decision-making ability is also essential.
  • Awareness program in employees: Workers should be aware of all the dos and don’ts that must be adhered to in the workplace. Such programes should be organized by the occupational safety and health officer so that employees are fully aware of the various hazards that may occur in the workplace.
Area of Opportunities:

Oil-Gas Engineering
Petroleum Engineering
Mining Industry
Fire and Safety
Ensign Safety’s IOSH and NEBOSH certifications prepare future safety professionals to work in any industry and in any work environment. Ensign Safety offers specialized courses for specific industries and disciplines, as well as general certifications that can benefit those pursuing safety careers in oil & gas, fire & safety, and other fields. Contact us to get more information to be a certified occupational and safety officer.

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